Capistrano, rbenv, upstart, and -su: bundle: command not found

If you’re running into the following error attempting to deploy via Capistrano with rbenv, foreman, and upstart:

-su: bundle: command not found

Then, be sure to take the export and eval rbenv statements in your ~/.bashrc file and copy them to the bottom of your ~/.profile

export PATH="$HOME/.rbenv/bin:$PATH"
eval "$(rbenv init -)"

As this path will not be available to the user to run the necessary commands otherwise.

Google Mail – DNS server returned answer with no data

If you’re attempting to configure a Google Business App domain name for an email address alias and you’re running into this error:

DNS server returned answer with no data

Remember to setup the Google MX records after validating your domain name with Google. This is the next step in the Google -> Domains section for your new domain.

Rails 4.2.x and twitter-bootstrap-rails

If you’re running into this error when attempting to install twitter-bootstrap-rails on Rails 4.2.x:

undefined method `register_preprocessor’

Note that there is currently a bug between less-rails and the 3.x version of sprockets-rails. To resolve this issue, update your gemfile with:

gem 'sprockets-rails', '<=2.3.3'

And then

bundle update sprockets-rails

After which, you should be good to go.

‘twitter/bootstrap/bootstrap.less’ wasn’t found solution

If you’re installing twitter-bootstrap-rails 3.x on Rails 4.x.x and running into the following error:

‘twitter/bootstrap/bootstrap.less’ wasn’t found

First, remember that Rails 4.x has removed the :asset group from the Gemfile syntax, so if you’re using the group :assets, you can simply remove the gems from the assets group and it should work.

In my case, I initially loaded a new rails application with 4.0.x, then upgraded to 4.2.5, without also upgrading the sass-rails version from 4.0.2 to 5.0. ┬áIf you’ve removed the gems from the assets group, still running into the same error above, and your situation is similar, then try updating your Gemfile’s sass-rails line to:

gem 'sass-rails', '~> 5.0'


bundle update sass-rails

to get the latest version.