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Rails 4.2.x and twitter-bootstrap-rails

If you’re running into this error when attempting to install twitter-bootstrap-rails on Rails 4.2.x: undefined method `register_preprocessor’ Note that there is currently a bug between less-rails and the 3.x version of sprockets-rails. To resolve this issue, update your gemfile with: gem ‘sprockets-rails’, ‘

‘twitter/bootstrap/bootstrap.less’ wasn’t found solution

If you’re installing twitter-bootstrap-rails 3.x on Rails 4.x.x and running into the following error: ‘twitter/bootstrap/bootstrap.less’ wasn’t found First, remember that Rails 4.x has removed the :asset group from the Gemfile syntax, so if you’re using the group :assets, you can simply remove the gems from the assets group and it should work. In my case, […]

Bootstrap Modal – load remote url multiple times

If you’re using Bootstrap 3.x to generate a remote link based modal, you’ll notice that re-clicking the same link does not re-request the content of the remote URL and instead just re-displays the same content from the previous load. This isn’t a great result in many cases (forms for new objects for instance). To resolve […]