Android: Kindle – Turn off popular highlights

To turn off Amazon Kindle’s popular highlights on Android, do the following:

  1. Back out of your book to the main Kindle Screen
  2. Click the main menu option
  3. Click “Settings” under “Your Account”
  4. Scroll down to the “Books” section. Here you will find the option to disable popular highlights

4 thoughts on “Android: Kindle – Turn off popular highlights

  1. Gwenllian

    Thanks for trying to help, but the option isn’t there on the Kindle for Android app on my new phone (MotoG4). I just spent 40 minutes talking to Amazon customer service and they finally told me it’s currently not possible to turn off popular highlights. They said they would submit a request to the developers to fix it. I would appreciate any other suggestions. The highlights are a major distraction while reading.

  2. Glenn Donald Hubbard

    Appalling that you can’t turn this off.
    When reading poetry it is so distracting.

    No focus group testing or iterations when have a virtual monopoly.
    So Amazon do what they want with the App.

    One thing is for sure. If there was anyone working for Amazon who did actually ever do any reading, this feature would have been optional from the start.

  3. DJ

    …found it. back out to Kindle home screen, select… More…. Settings…. Popular Highlights…. Uncheck the box. done.


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