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Rails, Capistrano, Database.yml

I’ve found the easiest way to manage the config/database.yml file in a Rails + Capistrano configuration is to add the following line to your capistrano config/deploy.rb configuration file: set :linked_files, %w{config/database.yml} Then add config/database.yml to your .gitignore file. After which, add your environment’s database.yml file to the appropriate location on the remote server(s): #{deploy_to}/appname/shared/config/database.yml Where […]

Capistrano, rbenv, upstart, and -su: bundle: command not found

If you’re running into the following error attempting to deploy via Capistrano with rbenv, foreman, and upstart: -su: bundle: command not found Then, be sure to take the export and eval rbenv statements in your ~/.bashrc file and copy them to the bottom of your ~/.profile export PATH=”$HOME/.rbenv/bin:$PATH” eval “$(rbenv init -)”   As this […]

Rails 4.2.x and twitter-bootstrap-rails

If you’re running into this error when attempting to install twitter-bootstrap-rails on Rails 4.2.x: undefined method `register_preprocessor’ Note that there is currently a bug between less-rails and the 3.x version of sprockets-rails. To resolve this issue, update your gemfile with: gem ‘sprockets-rails’, ‘

‘twitter/bootstrap/bootstrap.less’ wasn’t found solution

If you’re installing twitter-bootstrap-rails 3.x on Rails 4.x.x and running into the following error: ‘twitter/bootstrap/bootstrap.less’ wasn’t found First, remember that Rails 4.x has removed the :asset group from the Gemfile syntax, so if you’re using the group :assets, you can simply remove the gems from the assets group and it should work. In my case, […]

Rails, Paperclip, Custom Interpolation

To allow custom interpolations in the PaperClip :path designation, add the following to your config/initializers/paperclip.rb file: Paperclip.interpolates :custom_field do |attachment, style| attachment.instance.custom_field end   Where :custom_field is whatever field associated with your attachment model you’d like interpolated in your path.

Rails 4, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and RDS

This guide shows you how to configure a Rails 4 app with AWS’s elastic beanstalk and RDS. First, install the elastic beanstalk command line tool on your local development box: $ sudo apt-get install git $ sudo apt-get install python-dev $ curl “” -o “” $ sudo python $ sudo pip install awsebcli   […]

Resolve Net::HTTPBadResponse: wrong status line

In Ruby/Rails, if you’re running into the following error: Net::HTTPBadResponse: wrong status line When attempting to post data to a secure (https) url, with something similar to: Net::HTTP::post_form(“”,{})   Then you can rewrite your request to avoid the exception like this: url = URI.parse(“”) http =,url.port) http.use_ssl = true request =,{}) request = […]