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Capistrano, Rbenv, bundle: command not found

After running cap production deploy:restart   Our remote Puma log would show the following: -su: bundle: command not found   However, this was an active production server, so the bundler gem existed. After logging in and attempting to run a simple command, such as: bundle exec rails console   The console would output the following: […]

‘twitter/bootstrap/bootstrap.less’ wasn’t found solution

If you’re installing twitter-bootstrap-rails 3.x on Rails 4.x.x and running into the following error: ‘twitter/bootstrap/bootstrap.less’ wasn’t found First, remember that Rails 4.x has removed the :asset group from the Gemfile syntax, so if you’re using the group :assets, you can simply remove the gems from the assets group and it should work. In my case, […]

WordPress permalink 404 not found with .html or .htm in error message

WordPress will throw a 404 not found error, with either a .html or .htm extension for permalink pages if a file of the same name can be found within the web root directory. So, for instance: * If you create a new wordpress page called ‘contact’, and * You create an HTML page called ‘contact.html’ […]