Month: March 2014

Rails slow on Ubuntu Virtualbox instance

I ran into an issue where a Rails 3.1 application running on Ubuntu 12.04 in a VirtualBox instance (development) was running ridiculously slow. Sometimes, before the server would register a request, it would take >5 seconds, then another 5 seconds just to load a simple view. Obviously, this is an unacceptable amount of time when […]

Rails 4.0 / Postgresql / Heroku / Connection timeout

If you attempt to deploy a new application to Heroku using Rails 4.0.0, with a default postgresql configuration in your gemfile, such as: gem ‘pg’ Then, heroku will assume you are requesting PG version 0.12.2. This causes errors. Instead, to avoid connection errors (timeout, undefined constant, etc), you need a more recent version: gem ‘pg’, […]