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Sunspot Solr – Indexing PDF documents

Indexing PDF documents using sunspot / solr seemed like a difficult task initially. There are a number of tutorials dealing with this topic but they seemed overly complicated. In the end, I decided the simplest way to go about providing search functionality for indexed PDF documents was to 1) parse the documents locally 2) input […]

Rails 4.0 / Postgresql / Heroku / Connection timeout

If you attempt to deploy a new application to Heroku using Rails 4.0.0, with a default postgresql configuration in your gemfile, such as: gem ‘pg’ Then, heroku will assume you are requesting PG version 0.12.2. This causes errors. Instead, to avoid connection errors (timeout, undefined constant, etc), you need a more recent version: gem ‘pg’, […]

Heroku – connect to different database and transfer data to current environment

If you run into a situation where you’ve been developing an application in a live heroku development environment and have entered a substantial amount of live data that you don’t want to reenter into your live production environment, then connecting to your development instance’s database and retrieving the specific data you are interested in might […]

Keep heroku from falling asleep / idling (even with PHP)

Ruby on Rails Scenario The easiest way to keep a Rails App from idling is to use New Relic Standard (free), in conjunction with their availability monitoring. You can do this in a couple of ways: Issue the following command with the Heroku Toolkit heroku addons:add newrelic:stark Or, login to your heroku account and provision […]

Monitor production resque with local resque-web

This post assumes you are processing background jobs on a development/production environment utilizing Redis and Resque. If you’re monitoring your local resque instance with resque-web, just run the following commands to change the resque-web’s redis reference to your production redis instance resque-web -K resque-web -r [your redis location] If you’re using RedisToGo, for instance, you […]