Activate Vuforia in Unity 2017.2+

To activate Vuforia in Unity 2017.2+

  • – Open the “File” menu in the main top menu of Unity.
  • – Select “Build Settings”
  • – In the lower left corner of the “Build Settings” dialog, click the “Player Settings” option
  • – This will open the “Player Settings” dialog in your inspector panel.
  • – Click the “XR Settings” option near the bottom of the “Player Settings” dialog.
  • – Check the “Vuforia Augmented Reality” checkbox.
  • – Accept the Vuforia terms of service.

After accepting the terms, the Vuforia Behavior component settings will be enabled.  Hopefully they’ll add the terms acceptance to the module installation process to avoid these steps in the future, but for now this should get you going.  Although, it looks like ARCore will be out of the preview soon, so Vuforia may just disappear in later releases.


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