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CKeditor – remove top toolbar and bottom toolbar

To use the CKeditor without the top and bottom toolbars, do the following: config.removePlugins = “toolbar,elementspath” config.resize_enabled = false   This will remove both the capability to resize the dialog and remove the grey toolbar at the bottom, as well as the entire top toolbar, without the need for CSS modifications. If you’re using the […]

Fix footer to bottom if no vertical scrollbar

If you need a footer to stick to the bottom when there is no vertical scrollbar, do the following: $(document).ready(function() { if($(“body”).height() <= $(window).height()){ $(“.footer-container”).css(“bottom”, 0); $(“.footer-container”).css(“position”, “absolute”); $(“.footer-container”).css(“width”,”100%”); } });   This will ensure the footer sticks to the bottom of the browser when there is no scrollbar (eliminating the weird empty space that […]